Star Smasher

You're adventuring through some random jungle somewhere (what to do? You like ADVENTURE!), when you stumble upon a village of very frightened people! When you discreetly enquire about their concerns, you find out that the village has been subject to a relentless barrage of falling celestial objects every day and night on Mondays! Luckily for the people of the mysterious village, their local shaman has predicted the arrival of a hero to rescue them.

Looks like the villagers think it's you! But can you do it? Will you help the villagers? Play StarSmasher today and find out! You can upgrade your slingshot and huts, not to mention your forcefields as well as collect coins from the various power ups that fall from the sky!

Keep your villagers alive to unlock rewards, and earn free coins and other rewards! Play the mini games to collect additional coins for use in the game. Upgrade your huts, catapults and forcefields to add another level of playing in your game.

Focus on collecting coins and upgrading your equipment and of course, like the BeeGees sang, stayin' alive, or in this case, keeping your villagers alive, will make your game memorable and fun! Clamber up the Leaderboard to collect exclusive rewards for your character, and stay tuned for more updates!

StarSmasher* is a touch-enabled game, focused on improving your hand-eye coordination, while also letting you manage your resources to keep your villagers alive. We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to benefit the victims of the #ChennaiFloods.

Thank you for helping us do good while gaming and helping us change the world one gamer at a time!

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